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Alemannisch | català | dansk | deutsch | english | esperanto | español | français | galego | עברית | magyar | interlingua | italiano | 日本語 | ភាសាខ្មែរ | 한국어 | lëtzebuergesch | nederlands | norsk nynorsk | norsk | polski | português | română | русский | slovenščina | suomi | svenska | 中文(简体)‎ | 中文(繁體)‎ | +/−. This page sums up frequently asked questions in wikimedia commons with a short answer and links to background pages. For clarifications on "creative commons license" visit creative commons frequently asked questions. Contents. 1 questions about the project 1. 1 what is this site about?. 1. 2 what is the scope of this project?. 1. 3 can i put material on this site?. 1. костюм юбка и кофта фото

4 what materials can i upload?. 1. 5 can i upload java or flash web applets that are suitable for teaching or demonstrating a concept?. 1. 6 can i upload text of which i am the author?. 1. 7 what are 'gallery' (main namespace) pages for?. How should they be designed?. 2 copyright questions 2. 1 what licenses do the files i want to upload have to use?. 2. 2 can i upload scans and images of others i modified?.

7 what happens if a flickr license changes?.

2. 8 i have uploaded an image, can i revoke the license later?. 3 technical questions 3. 1 what resolution should the images i upload be?. 3 фото русский размер. 2 how can i directly use materials on this site in wikipedias?. 3. 3 how do i link to an image without showing it?. 3. 4 how can i transfer an image from wikipedia to commons?. 3.

5 how can i rename/move an image or other media file?. 3. 6 how can i rename or move a category?. 3. 7 how do i put a page / image into a category?. 3. 8 how do i best categorize my own pictures?. 3. 9 why might a category list not be up to date?.

3. 10 how should categories be organized?. 3. 11 how do i best make a gallery of my own pictures?. 3. 12 how do i create a gallery?. 3. 13 when should i use a gallery or category?. 3. 14 why is the old picture and not the new uploaded picture on my screen?. (or my thumbnail is wrong.

) 3. 15 can i upload video and/or audio?.

3. 16 why can't i see some images?. фото розовые джинсы 3. 17 how can i search for images?. 3. 18 how will the software be adapted for this project?. 3. 19 i have a lot of files. Can i do a batch upload, rather than one at a time?. 3. 20 a file or page needs to be renamed or moved.

Can this be done?. 3. 21 when i tried to upload my file, i get this error: ". " is not an allowed file format. See commons:file types for more information. 3. 22 what does the upload error this file contains html or script code that may be erroneously interpreted by a web browser. Mean?. 3. 23 i want to use a commons image, but there is already a file at my local wiki with the same name which is blocking it. How can i access the commons file?. 3.

24 how can i u...

Dji phantom 4 – specs, faq, tutorials and downloads. :: Fov 94° 20 mm (35 mm format equivalent) f/2. 8 focus at ∞. Iso range. 100 3200 (video); 100-1600 (photo). Electronic shutter speed, 8 1/8000 s. Image size, 4000×3000. Still photography modes, single shot. Burst shooting: 3/5/7 frames. Auto exposure bracketing (aeb): 3/5 bracketed frames at 0. 7 ev bias timelapse.

Faq. :: Yes!. The deadline date is just to ensure you the fastest shipping time. After this date, it may take you some additional time to receive your order. We hold the photos for ordering for two years from the date of the event. After two years have passed, the photos will be removed from our system permanently. If you have any.

Rucaptcha-bot: программа для работы на рукапче. :: Скачать и инструкция по использованию на странице: http://rucaptcha. Com/ rucaptcha-bot captchabot:. Для windows 7, 8, 10: скачать программу клиент rucaptcha 2. 00 (обновление 02. 08. 2016). Когда приходит рекапча я выбираю верную картинку, а на её место появляется новая, что мне делать?

How do i print or download an image in the viewer?. | faq | british. :: To print an image click the 'print' button above the image in the viewer. To save an image click the 'download' button. Printing an article. Currently we only have the option to print whole pages. The original page image is scaled down to print in our modern (a4) printers this means that the text is often too small to read.

Commons:faq wikimedia commons. :: If the image is under a free license, use commons helper or another transfer tool. Alternatively, download the full size version on your computer and upload it on wikimedia commons. Be sure to copy the description page and verify that it.

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